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Online Auctions & Electronic Bidding

With Auction! V4, the ability to exchange data with online auction and ebidding providers is a premium feature when premium technical support is in force.  All premium feature capability can be purchased for $100 per year when techncial support is in force.


YouTube Training for Data Exchange


Special Pricing on Mobile bidding! We’ve partnered with Auction Frogs, in Boise, ID, to offer mobile bidding for our V4 customers. If you have Version 4 and contract with Auction Frogs to host mobile bidding at your event, Auction Frogs will charge a discounted flat fee for their services with no additional percentage of your proceeds.


You must purchase Premium Feratures for Version 4 from us.  Please contact Auction Frogs directly for their pricing and be sure to mention you are an Auction! V4 customer to qualify for their special discounted pricing.

Auction Frogs