Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

Day of Auction

Set up computer and printer(s) at auction location. It's best to have computers in s separate room away from the noise and activity of the auction area. Make sure to have spare ink or toner cartridges.


Post Seating Report for guests, so they can look up where they and their friends are sitting.

Seating Reports


Enter Silent Item Winning Bids upon close of silent auction, or at close of each section. Enter Winning Live Auction Bids as they become available.

Winning Bid Entry


Print reports of Items & Purchasers to check for errors.  Print Bidder Names report showing Purchases or preliminary invoices to let your guests see what they have purchased and to help collect all the items purchased by individual bidders. 

Reports: Items & Purchasers, Bidder Names & Purchases


 Monitor the "Pot of Gold" Auction Total to see how you are doing.

Auction Totals


Print Bidder Invoices in batch (10 at a time) to save time or print individually.

Bidder Invoices


Receive Payments.  Using a credit card system that syncs with Auction! eliminated this step for most guests.

Enter Payments Received from Guests


Have guests pick up items and Congratulations on a successful Event!!