Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

Winning Bid Entry

Entering Winning Bids is fast and easy as 1-2-3.  Go to Activities, Enter Winning Bids on the tool bar or in Auction Mode, simply click on any item and the Winning Bid Entry screen opens.

You have a choice of entering winning bids for silent or live items.

Type the item's number in the Item Number field and press tab or enter on your keyboard. The item's Short Description will appear in the window and the cursor will automatically move to the Bid Number field.

Enter the Bid Number of the highest bidder, press tab or enter on your keyboard and the bidder's name will appear below the Item Number and Short Description in the window.  The cursor will automatically move to the Amount field.

Enter the winning bid amount and press enter on your keyboard or click the Save button on the screen and the winning bid is saved.  The cursor will automatically return to the Item Number field and you are ready to enter the next winning bid.

Winning Bid Entry


If the bid number on the bid sheet is missing or illegible, click the Quick Name Lookup tab to see an alphabetical listing of all bidders.  Double click the bidder from this list and the Bid Number field on the Winnng Bid Entry screen will be filled in for you. 

Quick Name Lookup


Review Items Without Bids to check for missing bid sheets. Items without Bids