Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

After the Auction

Complete thank you letters.  Attach Donor Receipts with a thank you note in the custome header or footer.

Donor Receipt

Or Export donor information and mail-merge with template to produce a polished, custom thank you letter.

Export Donor Information


Print Items and Purchasers report for reference.

Items & Puchasers Report


Analyze data for planning purposes:

Item Reports

Bidder Reports


It's a good idea to hang on to your bid sheets and reports for a while to help with any potential dispute resolution and cash reconciliation.


Get ready for next year's event.  Save a lot of data entry time by transferring the names and contact information of donors and/or invitees from this year's project to a new project for next year.

Transferring Data to a New Project


Congratulations! You've held a successful fundraising auction with Auction!