Event Day/Evening Pager 719 261-0678


Before calling the pager number, please be aware of the terms of use. Terms of Use

1. Dial pager number and listen to the prompt.

It will ask you to leave a numeric page.  You must use your phone's key pad. It does not respond to voice

2. Enter the 10 digit phone number including area code of the phone for callback and then hang up.

It will not replay the phone number you entered.  If not sure you entered the correct call back number, hang up and begin at step 1 again.

3. Wait for us to call back

Don't make any other phone calls. 
Be sure you can hear the ring or feel the phone vibrate. 
In most cases, we call back within five minutes. 
If you do not receive a call back within 5-10 minutes, you may not have entered all 10 digits of the call back phone number or your phone may not be receiving calls in your location.  Please page again starting with step 1 and you may need enter a different phone number for the call back.

4. Help us to assist you

Be prepared to tell us your name and the name of your organization.  If you are in a noisy room that cannot be quieted, you may need to step into a more private location.  It is quicker and more efficient when we speak directly to the person with the question.