Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

Auction! Referral Program 

...You know Auction! is easy to use.
...You know Auction! facilitates smooth, successful events.
...You know Auction! is affordable for nonprofits of all sizes.
...You know Auction! has great support.

But did you know Auction! has a great referral program?

When you refer Auction! to other organizations, your organization benefits.  You receive one-third off the renewal price for technical support. 

With multiple referrals, you can earn free years of tech support for you and your team, including our exclusive event-day pager service.


Is it simple?

Yes!  We give you credit when the referred organization purchases.  Period.  If people from different organizations refer the same organization, we give you both credit for the referral.  We don't worry about who referred first; we're generous with referral credits.  Just contact your friend first to let them know you're referring them, and fill out the referral form.

What about privacy?

We take our clients' privacy seriously.  Please let your friends know you've referred them, and let us know their preferred means of contact.