Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

What is Auction! V4?

Auction! V4 is a software program to help manage a fundraising activity such as a gala, golf tournament or other event that can include a silent and/or live auction.

Is Auction! V4 available in a cloud edition?

Yes! Cloud can be purchased as a standalone product or as an add-on feature for a V4 Network or V4 Single User license. The cloud edition is a full version of Auction! V4. More Information about Auction! Cloud

Is Auction! V4 an automatic upgrade to our Auction! V3 license?

Auction! V4 desktop is a new product and not an automatic upgrade.  If you are a current Auction! V3 customer, you may purchase a V4 software license with or withoud Cloud or V4 Auction! Cloud as a standalone product.  Any V3 projects can be converted to V4.

If we have an Auction! V3 license will we pay full price for V4?

 Please call us at 888 282-8470 or send us an email to Contact Us and ask about available upgrade discounts for V4.

Can we try Auction! V4 before we purchase?

Yes, please request a demo key at: Request V4 Demo Keys

What new features have been added to V4?

We have added many new features and capabilities including: ability to store logos to reproduce on documents, flexibility in how names appear on documents, additonal item types (pending, retail, bid board), more customization of documents, reports and exports, etc. For a more comprehensive list of features see:  New Features of V4

How do I decide whether I need V3 or V4?

Take a look at our Product Comparison. Decide which features you must have.  Purhase the version that suits the needs of your organization. We continue to support V3 and if you decide to upgrade at a later date, V3 projects can be converted to V4.

How do I convert my V3 projects to V4?

It is so easy. When you open a V3 project with V4, Auction! will ask you if you wish to convert the project to V4. It's that simple.

Are there any annual maintenance fees to continue to use Auction! V4 year after year?

We have no annual maintenance fees to continue to use the Auction! V4 software year after year.  Your licence will time out in one year, but new license keys for another year are free.  When you call or email each year letting us know the date of your next event, we will email new keys.  Support renewal is optional unless you need Premium Features or are using the Cloud add-on for online data entry.  Both the Cloud add-on and Premium Features require you maintain technical support. Premium Features include the ability to integrate with providers of other services such as credit card processing, mobile bidding and online auctions.