Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

Auction! Version 4                   Printable Auction! V4 Information Sheet

Auction! V4 is a full featured software tool for managing large or small auction events.  A typical event can have silent and live auctions as well as Bid Board/Super Silent and retail items.  Can track ticket sales, entree selections, table assignments, payments and much more.  

New features of V4 include:

Graphics and logos on Bid Sheets, catalog and other documents.

Design, save & re-use Documents for your organization.

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Bid Sheet, Name Tag and Catalog Thank you page with images

Add a second Bid Number to Name


Two bid numbers in Name record

Select Name or Company as primary information to appear in documents and for alphabetization of reports.


Assign Individuals in same Household to different tables


Basket may have multiple bids, and can be shared by two or more bidders.

Report showing Basket with multiple buyers

Add Household Members (children) to Household


Export Invoices as individual PDFs for email


Items can be "Pending" until ready to number, and/or until received.


Two new Item types:  Retail and Bid Board/Super Silent Items.  All item types can be renamed to suit your event.


Assign Item Number and separate Inventory Number, if desired


More available Name Categories/Affiliations


Group Names together for easy table assignments near each other.


Associate Payments with Cash Donations for clean accounting.


Design, save & re-use Reports and Exports


Create other event types such as a golf tournament or banquet.  In a tournament, Tables become Teams.