Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

Auction! V4 Network Edition

Perfect for large events of 200-300 items or more, 250 or more attendees. Windows 10 recommended but also works on Windows 7 and 8.


Simultaneous access by two or more computers when network connectivity is established.  A wired network, using ethernet cables and a router, is strongly recommended.

Offline Capability:

Stand alone usage is supported.  Data entered independently, from different locations, can be merged in seconds.  Team members can work at home or wherever is most convenient.


Each event project is a separate dataset; no limit on the number of datasets.  Maximum 9,999 bidders, 9,999 items per dataset.

Standard in all editions:

Data structure is identical inside a product line - compatibility is designed into the product.  V3 projects can be converted to V4 when upgrading between product lines.

Full year of technical support via phone & email for you and your team, including our exclusive Pager Response Service for day/evening of event.

V4 Net

Our premier desktop product that has the capability to manage an auction event of any size.  Can also be used to manage banquets and tournaments.

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Event! Only

Perfect for managing banquets, weddings, tournaments, etc. that do not have an auction.

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Your Auction! project can be accessed online from a computer or other mobile device. V4 Cloud standalone has all the capability of Auction! V4 Network.   As an add-on to a V4 Net or V4 Single User license, the add-on will have all the capability of your desktop license.

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