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 Auction! Cloud for V4                 Printable Cloud Information Sheet

Standalone Auction! Cloud or add cloud access to a current V4 desktop license.

Auction! Cloud - as a Standalone product

Provides full Auction! Version 4 Net capability in a hosted cloud environment. Cloud users do not need to install Auction! V4 on their computers or devices (Macs, tablets, smart phones etc.)

The term of service includes 12 user-months of cloud access. Additional User months can be purchased in blocks of 6, 12 or 18 user-months at the add-on rate. User-months must be claimed in full calendar month increments.

NOTE:  We strongly discourage using Auction! Cloud at your actual event so you also receive a short-term (approximately 2 weeks) license for Auction! V4 Network desktop edition to use at the event.

Auction! V4 is installed and licensed using the short term license on PC(s) for event use. A Windows PC is a must when you use the desktop edition at the event. Cloud and the short term license for V4 desktop are both Network edition, so there are no the sharing issues in the cloud or at your event.

The term of use for Cloud is for a maximum of one year.  All user-months must be used during the one year term of service.  Unused user-months will not carry forward to a new term.


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