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Credit Card Processing with Greater Giving's Auctionpay

What is Greater Giving's Auctionpay?

Auctionpay is an innovative solution from Greater Giving designed to expedite processing bank cards at your auction event.

How does Auctionpay work with Auction!?

Your guests swipe their credit cards at check in.  Bid numbers of guests who swiped their credit cards on arrival are downloaded to a plain, CSV file, and Synced withAuction!. These bidders are marked for Quick Checkout.

At the end of your event guests with Quick Checkout invoices pick up their purchased items and go on their way. Additional guests can also swipe credit cards at the cashier using the same Auctionpay terminals.  Final balance amounts are uploaded from Auction! to the Auctionpay master terminal, typically one to two days after your event.

After settling the transactions through the master terminal, Greater Giving directly deposits proceeds into your organization’s bank account.  Through the final sync with Auction!, payments are automatically recorded in Auction!, reconciling balances.  It’s simple and easy!

What is the cost?

There is a one time fee of $100 to purchase Premium Features for your Auction! V4 software.  Premium Features will be enabled every year thereafter when technical support for V4 is renewed.

Greater Giving will charge fees for their services which are generally paid post event, after the proceeds are deposited in your organizations bank account.

When do I need to decide?

To avoid additional expediting fees, Greater Giving asks that you submit the client agreement 6 weeks prior to your event date.