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Online Payments!               Printable Online Payments Information Sheet
Online Ticket Sales, Donations and More!

Ticket Sales

Your guests can securely purchase tickets/make a reservation to attend your event and pay for their purchases.  You determine types of tickets available for purchase online, such as individual tickets, couple tickets, group tickets, sponsorship tickets.  Multiple types of tickets can be purchased by a single guest using the shopping cart feature. You and your guests receive a confirmation email with details of every purchase.


Any subscription for Online Payments! (OLP) includes a flex donation form where your guests can make a donation in any amount they choose and add it to their shopping cart. Want to offer specific sponsorship or underwriting levels? Add a Sponsorship Page to your subscription and your guests can add a sponsorship level to their shopping cart.

Retail Items

Selling t-shirts, spirit merchandise etc.? Add a Retail Items page.

Additional Event Tickets

Having more than one event during your subsciption period? Add an additional tickets page for each additional event.


Want to sell advertising space in your event catalog or brochure? Add an advertising page where your guests can purchase an ad.


Once the shopping cart is filled, the guest can check out.  Online Payments! is a secure site so your guests can feel confident purchasing online with their credit cards. Once the credit card has been charged, the guest receives an online order confirmation receipt. You receive an email detailing the guests purchases.  You and your guest receive a payment confirmation email as well.