Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

What is Online Payments!?

Online Payments! (OLP) is a stand alone product for online event reservations, donations and other purchases. Your guests can fill a shopping cart with their purchases and pay with their credit card.

Do I need to have a license for Auction! to use Online Payments!?

No. Online Payments! is a stand alone product. If you do use Auction! to manage your event, the information you receive when a guest makes an online purchase can be entered into your Auction! project.

Can only nonprofits purchase Online Payments!?

No. Online Payments! is available for both nonprofits and for-profit organizations.

What are the fees associated with credit card purchases online?

We charge an upfront subscription fee to set up your online account. The credit card processor will charge a small percentage of each credit card transaction. Our processor's rates for non profits are typically better than most competing products. Contact us for credit card processing options: 888 282-8470.

What is included in the subscription fee?

The subscription fee includes a home page, one event tickets page and a flex donation page. All pages are active as long as you like through the duration of your subscription. You choose the colors and text on the pages. Your logo, links to social networking sites, links to more information about your organization or the event are also included.

You determine the ticket levels/prices available for purchase. 300 seats/admissions in up to 6 different ticket types are included with your subscription.

The flex donation page allows your community to make donations online to your organization in any dollar amount.

What is a flex donation page?

A Flex donation page allows the guest to make a donation in any dollar amount to your organization. There are no set donation amounts.  When you want to offer specific sponsorship levels, add a dedicated Sponsorship page.

Can we purchase additional seats/admissions to sell online?

Yes. Additional seats/admissions can be purchased in blocks of 100, 75, 50 and 25.

How long can my guests have access to online sales through Online Payments!?

Your subscription lasts one year.  We are glad to turn specific types of sales on or off upon request.

Can a guest make purchases using a smart phone?

Yes. The pages and shopping cart feature of Online Payments! will automatically resize to accomodate both computers and mobile devices.

Can we purchase additional pages?

Yes. For another event during the subscription period, purchase another ticket/reservation page. It includes 150 tickets/admissions to the new event.

Non-ticket pages, such as sponsorship levels /underwriting page (guests can add preset sponsorships to their shopping cart), advertising sales page or a retail item sales page (such as t-shirts, spirit items etc.) can be purchased. 

Additional pages expire when your subscription expires.

Can we renew our subscription after the current subscription has expired?

Yes.  Discounts may apply when only very minor changes such as date changes, ticket prices, event name are needed on each existing page.

How will our organization receive payments made online?

Proceeds are direct deposits into your organizations bank account on a regular basis. The fees charged by the card processor are debited automatically by the credit card processor.

How soon can we sell tickets and accept donations online?

Once the subscription is purchased, a merchant agreement is established with the credit card processor and our setup forms are completed,  your custom site is ready for your approval in three business days.

How will we know who has purchased and paid for a reservation online?

Designate a contact in your organization to receive reservation notifications; emails are sent as soon as the guest submits reservation. The merchant agreement designates a person in your organization who receives banking notifications.

Will my guests receive printed tickets and how will my guests receive any retail items purchased through Online Payments!?

Guests receive an immediate confirmation of their transaction on screen and via email. No tickets are sent or printed via Online Payments!. Your organization is responsible for the delivery of any retail items purchased through Online Payments!

Who creates the web shopping cart pages?

We create the pages based on information you provide. You do not need to know how to code a shopping cart or create a web page. You preview and approve each page before the page goes live.

Will the Online Payments! pages be on my organization's website?

We host your dedicated pages on our server; you can link to them directly from your organization website.