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Auction! Online Payments - Reservations & Online Donations

Online Payments is a standalone product that can be used by itself or in conjunction with an event managed with Auction! Version 3, Version 4 or Event!

Tell me about Auction! OLP

Powered by Auction Systems & Spire Payment Solutions working together, providing secure processing.

Affordable, easy to implement for selling tickets to your event, and receiving donations anytime.

Your organization can easily sell tickets to attend an event, and receive immediate notification.  You can accept donations as well, year-round. 

We set up your shopping cart, using your organization logo and colors.  You control the wording for your site's cart, and duration of sales.


-- Brand your cart with your organization colors and logos.

-- Sell tickets for your event, including early bird pricing and regular pricing.

-- Set time frame for ticket sales to begin and end.

-- Accept donations for your organization year round.

-- Provide sponsorship opportunities for your constituents.

Check it out ---

The St. Isidore of Seville site below is designed to give you a feel for what's possible.  Take a look!

Sample site:  St. Isidore of Seville


Here are just a few sites using Online Payments; note how each site is customized to the needs & design of the organization:

Downtown Sheridan Association
Sheridan Wyoming


Junior League of Olympia
Olympia Washington



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