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Welcome to Training for Version 4

Our online training tutorials are now on YouTube, and will assist you in making your event even more successful.  Each topic is concise and focused.  Within each playlist, the tutorials are designed to be watched sequentially, but you can skip ahead.

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Getting Started with Version 4


Introduction, Licensing, Help System, Navigation, Screen Modes, Project information, Starting a New Blank Project, Creating a new proect by transferring data from an Existing Project, and Opening a Project, Making a backup, Restoring a Backup, Setting Up a Cloud User Account and Logging into Cloud on a Pc or on a Mac.

16 sessions
76 minutes



Configuring project behavior for your event: Names, Items, Participation, Tickets & Entries, Spell Check and Retrieve Format.

8 sessions
50 minutes

Data Entry for Names


Data Entry for Names, Address, Name Types Affiliiations and Volunteer Teams, Attendance, Volunteer Contact, Image,Ticket Purchases, Register and other Name panels.

10 sessions
54 minutes

Data Entry for Items


Data entry for Item Description, Donor, Item Pricing, Item Number & Category, Revenue & Cost, Event Presentation, Item Image, Winning Bid and Basketing.

9 sessions
40 minutes

Other Data Entry Types


Data entry for Cash and In-Kind Donations, Purchases and Payments, Expenses and managing Content of Lists

4 sessions
20 minutes

Event Prep


Event Prep tasks for names and items such as Assign Bid Numbers, Assign Tables, Renumber items, Categorize items etc.

9 sessions
38 minutes



Report overview, Report Types, Navigating report formatting screens, Filtering and Refining Reports, Grouping and Sorting the records in a report, Adding and Removing Details from a report, Saving and Retrieving reports, and printing reports.

8 sessions
35 minutes



Documents Introduction, Name Documents Overview, Name Labels, Financial Documents (Invoices, Donor Receipts and Statements), Item Documents, Bid Sheets, Clerking Sheets, Gift certificates, Placards, The Catalog... More Coming soon!

10 sessions
91 minutes

Data Exchange


Data Exchange overview, Credit Card Sync - Quick Checkout  Standard Import, and Merging Projects together.

6 sessions
47 minutes

Event Night


Event Night introduction, Winning Bid Tasks, Forms, Lists & Preferences, Fastest Way to Enter Bids, Refreshing Bids, Invoices and Check-In.

8 sessions
44 minutes

Tips & Tricks


Adding images to a project, resizing an image, More to Come!

2 sessions
9 minutes