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Guided Tour of Auction! V4

Our guided tours of Version 4 provide a personal, live demonstration for a small group; you can ask questions and discuss topics with the presenter.  INTRO sessions usually run one to one and a quarter hours.  Event Night Operation sessions run 30-45 minutes.

INTRO tours are on alternating Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  This tour is intended for prospective customers and new users from organizations in support.

INTRO guided tours cover the basics of getting started using Auction! V4.

Intro Agenda



Adding Names

Adding Items

Reports, Documents and other Features - as time allows

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Training tutorials for specific subjects can be found on our YouTube Channel for V4 and are free.

V4 YouTube Channel Playlists

Event Night Operations tours are on Thursday mid day and are only available to V4 customers whose technical support is in force.  We recommend your event night data entry team attend the Event Night Operations tour within 2 weeks of your event date.

Event Night Operations covers best practices for event night.

Event Night Agenda

Bid Numbers and Attendance


Adding or editing names or items  and printing documents on the fly

Winning Bid Entry

Revising Item Quantity or Shares

Reports and Results

Printing Invoices

Entering Payments

Pager Support

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For more resources, see our support page: