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Greater Giving Information

What is Greater Giving?

Greater Giving Event Payments is an innovative solution designed to expedite processing bank cards at your auction event. 

How does Greater Giving Event Payments work with Auction!

Your guests swipe their credit cards at check in.  Bid numbers of guests who swiped their credit cards on arrival are sent via the sync linkage to Auction!. These bidders are marked for Quick Checkout.

At the end of your event guests with Quick Checkout invoices pick up their purchased items and go on their way. Final balance amounts are sent via Sync from Auction! to the Greater Giving terminal, typically one to two days after your event.

After settling transactions through the terminal, Greater Giving directly deposits proceeds into your organization’s account.
Through the final sync, payments are automatically entered in Auction!  It’s simple and easy!

What is the cost?

With Auction! V4 Net and V4 SU the cost is $100 to enable Premium Features.

If you have a license for Auction! Version 3, and wish to Sync V3 with Greater Giving's Auctionpay, please contact us first to see if that functionality is still available.

Call us at 888 282-8470 to purchase the credit card processing sync linkage.

Greater Giving charges fees associated with usage of the credit card terminals and actual processing of credit cards.

Greater Giving has a competitive fee structure that often saves you money compared with other card processing. The fee structure is detailed in the client agreement.

When do I need to decide?

Submit the Greater Giving Client Agreement  no later than 3 - 6 weeks prior to your event.

Are you in a rush?

Call us first, at 888 282-8470.  We can assist in expediting agreements.

Review Client Agreement.