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Printing to PDF

The easiest way to email a report to your committee, to send an electronic copy of your catalog to a professional printer, or email a statement to an event guest (V4 only), is to create a PDF copy of the document.


PDF995 for Auction! Version 4

PDF995, a free, shareware program produced by Software995, works extremely well for us and for many of our clients. 

--> Even better, Auction Systems has licensed a special edition of PDF995, available at no charge to you, that works rapidly and smoothly with Auction! Version 4.

PDF995 integrates directly with Version 4.  There's no delay or pop up ads.  When using PDF995 with Auction! Version 4 there is no need to purchase a paid edition for PDF995.  The delay occurs only with other software programs.

In Auction! V4, PDF995 is needed to print Statements, Donor Receipts and Invoices to separate PDF format files in batch for attachment to emails. 

Once your PDF995 tool is installed, open Auction! and preview the report or document of interest.  With Auction! V4, you can choose Print to Individual PDF's; PDF995 prints each statement, receipt or invoice to its own file.  Any other documents or reports can be printed to PDF file format as well by choosing PDF995 in the printer selection dialog box. 


PDF995 for V3 and other programs

PDF995 is not directly integrated with Auction! Version 3.  It is still an incredibly useful tool for printing documents and reports to PDF format; we've used it for years! 

In Auction! Version 3 and other software programs there is a slight delay during printing built in unless you have purchased the paid edition.  When you purchase a PDF995 subscription ($9.95,) the delay in Auction! V3 and any other programs is removed.

Printing invoices, donor receipts and statements in batch to individual pdf files is not supported in Version 3.  You can print the complete group of documents to a single PDF file.

In Auction! V3, print any document or report to PDF by clicking Print, and then choosing PDF995 from the printer selection dialog box.  In Version 3 there is a few seconds delay as a pop up ad displays; you will be prompted to continue with the complimentary edition of PDF995 or upgrade to a paid edition.  There is no penalty for continuing to use the complimentary edition.


Adobe Acrobat (full version)

Acrobat has very powerful features, and you can edit PDFs and drag pages in & out in addition to simply printing PDFs.  It's a great tool; some clients find it cost-prohibitive. Adobe Acrobat does not integrate directly with V4 to produce individual documents.