Fundraising is Essential... Auction! makes it easy

Auction! V4 Release Notes

Feb 23, 2018

New Features and Functionality Changes.

- Added email address, if available, to beginning of file name of exported PDFs for invoices, donor receipts and statements.

User Interface Changes.

- Filename for all Sync 2 Credit Card files is now consistent:  YYMMDDs2.csv  Auction! permits re-export of this file when desired, but on the same day, you'll have to choose to overwrite the previous Sync 2 file, or save it in another folder.

- Excessive screen flicker removed for exporting custom setting.

Bug Fixes, Correcting Behavior.

-  Spacing between an image and text now works correctly on presets and saved custom formats.

- Corrected storage and import of credit card expiration dates from EventPay!, BBPos swipers to Auction!


Jan 16,  2018

New Features and Functionality Changes.


Announcing EventPay!, providing integrated card processing.


- EventPay! added to Data Exchange, Credit Card processing.

- Export bidders, Retrieve Swipes and Process Payments for EventPay! added on Data Exchange, Credit Card Processing.


Important:  database structure updated to accommodate EventPay! fields. All team members must update software on their computers for compatibility.  Release: old structure: 4.0.108, now 4.1.109


- When invoice per bid # is selected, 2nd & 3rd pages of invoices are omitted when purchases are zero.

- Duplicate Section added to Catalog design.

- Catalog: user can now specify space between columns in two-column format. *RBC

- External Key can now be printed on invoices, statements and donor receipts. *RBC

- External (name) Key & Notes now available in Item Exports.

- Event! now has catalog option.


User Interface Changes.


- Ribbon slightly rearranged on to accommodate addition of EventPay!

- Quick Checkout status now indicated as manual or auto on Event Prep, Assign Bid Numbers in separate columns.

-  Instructions clarified on multi-buyer basket.

- Table ID can be added to Invoice printing.

- Text section in Catalog now only refreshes when needed.

--Uneven margins now work for Catalog.

- Catalog display  and save now "quieter."

- Larger images now work more smoothly in catalog.

- Name save display now "quieter."

- Save and Add now correctly scrolls to top of panel.

- QC / - now displays only when two bid numbers exist in record, otherwise "Quick Checkout."

- Donor value for items with multiples or shares now indicates "each" after value.

- Report, All Names, All Details: slight change in setup to show details instead of summary in one line.

- Transfer Project for Event Night now transfers only essential names.

- Default change: Transfer Item Images no longer enabled unles items are transferred.

- Event Prep buttons (tasks)  rearranged slightly.

- Basket report tooltips adjusted and clarified.

- When a couple is imported as bidder with one table assignment, we now mark both as attending and sitting at same table.

- Font headings clarified in Item tags.

- Role can now be displayed on check-in packet and other labels/tags.

- Different table names but identical table IDs on import now creates new IDs as needed.

- Shared/Exclusive options now show correctly after a validate, move/rename, refresh, etc.

- On all developer errors, only option now is "Quit."


Bug Fixes, Correcting Behavior.


- Closing Auction! from catalog screen no longer results in error message.

- Edit name on invoices screen now cascades all changes to document.

- Revised invoices now print with latest changes on Event Night.

- Importing group names case-sensitivity fixed.

- Refunds & reimbursements can now be deleted, rather than just edited & voided.

- Right-click Show Register now works correctly when available.

- Joining records with duplicate bid #s caused crash.  Fixed.

- Retail item bid sheet now only prints enough lines for unsold qty.

- Renumber by group manually now works correctly.

 Donor Name display in catalog is now more predictable.

 - Adding an item on Event Night, Winning Bids now works correctly.

- Bookfold catalog overprint problem w/ uneven margins.  Fixed.

- Transfer images to new project transferred all instead of just "in use" when option is selected.  Fixed.

 - Selecting document format from data entry now retains correct display order.

- New folder name no longer allows paste of disallowed characters.

- Catalog footers reversed (labeling). Fixed.

- Catalog text wrap improved.

- List of basket donors now correctly handles comma in Name (", inc" or ", Jr").

- Import of names and assigning bid numbers on import cause crash.  Fixed.

- Rich Text not always centered.  Fixed.

- Creating multiple blank text sections in catalog caused a circular reference crash.  Fixed.

- Create a new project, cancel, then start again does not restore all appropriate options.  Fixed.

- Custom format for check-in labels now selectable on All Custom Formats.

- Buyer's Premium updates correctly on reports, documents now.

- Toggling taxable status now acts immediately.

- Merged delete of Volunteer contacts could cause errors.  Fixed.

- Editing & saving basket component in unsaved container item could cause "lost" records.  Fixed.

 - Attendance setting labels not always reset correctly for subsequent transfers.  Fixed.

- New names w/ new bid numbers "colliding" could cause bad display.  Fixed.

- Report titles overwriting each other.  Fixed.

- Gift Certificate missing Organization Name.  Fixed.

- Consignment reports: vendor field not displayed.  Fixed.

- Some report buttons not visible, depending on sequence of actions.  Fixed.


Known limitation:  importing or merging in NEW items, revising some or all of the newly added items, and proceeding to Documents, Item Documents, Bid Sheets, could result in duplicate items in grid display, and printed.  Solution: Close & reopen the project.