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V4 Release Notes 2018, to 4.1.112

9 August 2018

**Includes critical update for Windows 10 users, originally  released in 4.1.111


New Features and Functionality Changes.
- Added "ultra-condensed formats to Document, Catalog.  *RBC

User Interface Changes.

- Table Layout process under Event Prep simplified and updated.

- Event Night, Print Invoice changed to "Invoices"  *RBC

- Message 'not tokenized" only displayed once when no internet is available for EventPay!

- Export of Bidders for EventPay! now in Last Name first format, rather than Document format.  *RBC

- Event Night, Results image changed to Treasure Chest. *RBC

- Event Night, Item Purchaser report simplified to one line per purchase.  *RBC

- AuctionSys username and password now pre-filled for EventPay!

- Invoices, Donor Receipts and Statements to PDF now include email address when available.

- Minor wording changes for clarity on Event Night, Reports.

- Revised image for Use Record on Join form for clarity.

- Adjusted colors of panels to reflect data type.

- Export of Invoices, Donor Receipts or Statements to PDF now include email address in file name when available.

Bug Fixes, Correcting Behavior.

- Corrected filters for Spire Sync 2, to exclude manual & standard checkout.

- PlaceCards, to columns with image now aligns second column content correctly.

- Event Night, Winning Bids, Print Statement (not Invoice) was blank.  Fixed.

- Space between document image and header always reverted to default. Fixed.

- Documents, Filter Purchases did not retain selected state when saved.  Fixed.

- Error reports from transactionSingle form when transaction form opened during unsaved or unsaveable ttansaction.  Fixed.

- Changing a card for a "walk-in" guest now queries about desire to change.

- Quantity field now correctly enabled for Retail Items, Winning Bids, and is included in calculation of extended price correctly.

- Report headings simplified.  On all custom reports, only custom name is displayed except on last page.  Last page now shows full path and filters, and can be discarded, or printing can be omitted.  *RBC



May 18, 2018

Critical Update:  Resolves a Windows 10 update-caused problem.

Windows 10 update release 1803 added a font without a font name.  Loading fonts for Auction! Data Entry, Items and ANY Documents causes a "hang" and never proceeds to load the screens.  Fixed.

What are Release Notes?

Release Notes are specific patches and remedies associated with the software, as well as improvements and new features.

Many software companies choose to withhold information about changes and bug fixes. While it's never pleasant admitting mistakes, we think it's more important to be candid with our customers.

*RBC = Request by Clients

In Version 4, update releases occur regularly.