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V4 Release Notes 2019, to 4.1.114

4.1 .114
Oct 8, 2018

New Features and Functionality Changes.
- Added option to input specific guaranteed bid amount rather than percentage. *RBC

- Table numbers now displayed on Assign Bid Number grid. *RBC

User Interface Changes.

- Form size corrected for adding household members.

- Sync Now no longer shown instead of Export Now in EventPay! actions.

- Most report filter information moved to extra page of report; allows more data on earlier pages.  *RBC

Bug Fixes, Correcting Behavior.

- Event Night Winning Bid, extended price for multiples of Retail Item calculated incorrectly.  Fixed.

- Check for existing card added to EventPay!

- Removed option to change bid mode in middle of a bid being entered; fixes a crash.

- Winning Bid from Name Entry did not always enable quantity field when appropriate.  Fixed.

- Minimum Bid message on Event Night, Winning Bids, sometimes displayed incorrectly.  Fixed.

- Pledge bids immediately following Split bid caused crash.  Fixed.

- Guaranteed Bid fields for alternates to bid number now match column headings selected.

- EBidding, Item export now includes item numbers.


What are Release Notes?

Release Notes are specific patches and remedies associated with the software, as well as improvements and new features.

Many software companies choose to withhold information about changes and bug fixes. While it's never pleasant admitting mistakes, we think it's more important to be candid with our customers.

*RBC = Request by Clients

In Version 4, update releases occur regularly.