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Auction! V4 Release Notes

May 15, 2017

New Features and Functionality Changes.
- None in this release.

User Interface Changes.
- Table Layout diagram controls and grid behavior enhanced.

- Expense data grid display enhanced for sorting.

- In-Kind gift with 0 value now displays "non specified" on donor receipts.  *RBC

- New message box now resizes buttons to fit text.  Also, content of message can be copied (with selection and copy.)

Bug Fixes, Correcting Behavior.
- Display As name for a basket not correctly shown and generates error.  Fixed.

- Display of winning bidder and bid # missing on shared items set to distribute value proportional to amount.  Fixed.

- Display of Item sub-data fields on Item export incorrect.  Fixed.

- Transfer choices and displayed summaries for names cleaned up.

- Tables, Groups & Table Layouts added to Transfer Tickets & Entries panel.

- Items import didn't bring in items without a short description even though they had a catalog title.  Fixed.

- Item number on/off on donor receipts, statements and invoices not displayed or hidden consistently.  Fixed.

- Changing name from Attending to Unknown was not "sticking."  Fixed.

- Transfer switching quick sets back & forth did not consistently set panels correctly.  Fixed.

- Reopening saved filters such as Value "greater than" $250 without a "less than" amount incorrectly set "less than" to zero instead of blank.  Fixed.

- Switching between proportional (to component value) charged sales tax and fully taxable baskets could cause error in sales tax calculation.  Fixed.

- Bid sheets minimum bid reflected first raise (incorrectly.)  Fixed. 

- Minimum bid of zero now prints blank on first line of bid sheet if no pre-printed increments.

- No longer assigning bid # to primary person when set to one bid # per person, and primary is not attending.

- Default payment block incorrectly allowed attempt to delete the read-only text, causing error.  Fixed.

- Table layout diagram did not placed "unpositioned" tables after toggling options.  Fixed.

- Removing components from baskets after editing could cause errors.  Fixed.

- Interrupting invoices to do Sync 1, then returning did not return selected format settings.  Fixed.

Known Issues.
Catalog section design:  Duplicate Current button currently supports new section at bottom; duplicate section functionality to be in next release.


Apr 10, 2017

New Features and Functionality Changes.
- Header alignment options now added to Catalog for category sections.

- A specific phone number can now be designated as "preferred" for reports and documents.  When no phone number is designated, priority for List by Company is Work, then Cell, Home, or Alternate phone number. When no phone number is "preferred," priority for List by Name is Home, Cell, Work, then Alternate phone on all documents.  *RBC

- Management reports now have capability to show details for some item types, e.g. Live, and summary only for other item types.  Also implemented for cash & in-kind gifts.  *RBC


User Interface Changes.
- "Buyer's Premium" wording can no longer be set to blank.

- "Standard" catalog spacing between Title, Full Description and Donor decreased from 1 line to 0.5 lines.

- Table layouts no longer prevented by concurrent online event in project.

- Data Entry, Names, Register: payment or ticket purchase entered in register now refreshes register automatically.

- Event Night Reports simplified and font enlarged for best use at event. *RBC

- Blanks now disallowed for item type names.

- Invalid character names for Windows folders now disallowed.

- Default event type on transfer now follows data source for transfer.

- Guaranteed Bid string now fits correctly on a single line.

- Buyer's Premium field on reports now on or off by default based on project default settings.  If some items override default  of "offand have buyer's premium, then user must turn field on.

"- Display as Name" on baskets now shows "display as name - real list of donors" in the panel header label.


Bug Fixes, correcting behavior.

- Removed stray section symbol (§) from invoices.

- Merge problem:  tickets containing retail items caused change of existing silent items to retail.  Fixed.

- Spacing and alignment around catalog subheaders. improved.

- Sync 1 completion in credit cards no longer closes project.

- Catalog group header setting now works for both "on" and "off".

- Changing license information during restore of backup no longer causes crash.

- Immediately going to Documents after an import could cause a crash.  Fixed.

- Newly entered bidder table numbers on Print Invoices now refreshed without closing & reopening project.

- Global Changes, Received Status non-operational.  Fixed.

- Buyer's premium amounts updated on reports automatically.

- Merge losing assigned entries.  Fixed.

- Changing ticket type resulted in problematic entry assignments.  Fixed.

- Categories now can have apostrophes (') in item categories or other lists.

- "Item has been sold" now appears on Bid Sheets even when bidder name or number is turned off.

- Adding a new item & donor name and concurrent entry of winning bid for item crashes.  Fixed.