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V3 Release Notes 2004

"Release Notes" are the specific patches and remedies noted associated with the software, as well as improvements and new features. Many software companies choose to withhold this information. While it's never fun admitting mistakes, we think it's more important to be candid with our customers. In Version 3, releases are now "very seldom."

5 Feb 2014

Bug Fix

Restored application icon for desktop, menus and task bar.

4 Feb 2014

Minor Changes and Enhancements

eBidding menu now available.

27 Nov 2012

Major Changes and Enhancements

Greater Giving menu changed to work with all Greater Giving terminal types!

19 Sept 2011

Major Changes and Enhancements

Run Time 339 error when using Greater Giving on some installationsSolved

Minor Changes and Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

Updated prose on some screens.

10 Aug 2011

Major Changes and Enhancements

RunTime 384 error for some Windows 7 computers. Solved

4 Aug 2011

Interim patch; does not update automatically. 
Customers with this release should uninstall and download 3.1.9203.  Contact Auction Systems support for help if needed.

3 Aug 2011

Major Changes and Enhancements

Spire Payment Solutions:  New! Spire Payment Solutions now provides credit card processing and syncs with Auction!

Minor Changes and Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

Auctionpay: Updates the sync to work with new Auctionpay terminals from Greater Giving.

File, Export, Transactions: Pledge transactions now export the actual date/time rather than the date/time of the associated item.

Merging Project, after Auctionpay Sync 2: displayed incorrect values instead of (correctly) blank volunteer contact fields.  Fixed.

Validate Project: Removed notification for predictable "unknown" status indication due to shared access, as this created unnecessary concerns.

Cosmetic Changes

Main Form, SOS button: Pager access information clarified.

Log Screens, following Merge, Sync, Import: clarified wording.

Welcome Screen: updated address and logo.