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Looking for Version 4?

If you already have a license for Auction! Version 4, click the Contact Us link on the right and request a V4 download link. If you don't have a license for Auction! Version 4 yet, we would be happy to let you try it out. Please click the Request Auction! V4 Demo Keys link on the right to request the demo keys and a download link.


The EventPay! app for Quick Checkout works with Auction! Version 4. Only customers whose technical support is in force and whose V4 license includes premium feature capability can use EventPay!. Contact us to find our if your V4 license supports Quick Checkout and to set up a merchant account to accept credit card payments using EventPay!

Version 3

We encourage you to keep your software up to date.  If you've misplaced your CD, or just need to make sure you have the latest software, please feel free to download the Auction! software here.  There is no charge to download the software.

If your software is already licensed on your computer, it will "remember" the registration.  For a new computer, you'll need to enter your licensing information after installation.


Auction!-Greater Giving Interface Application

Credit Card sync in Version 4 does NOT use or need the interface application.

The interface application is NOT needed for a Spire Payment Solutiions credit card processing sync with V3.

The Auction!-Greater Giving Interface application is only used in V3 when using Greater Giving's Auctionpay credit card processing.  Download the application by clicking the link to the right.